Alex Lowe, New office, and still hiring

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Scott beat me to it, but after months of cajoling we convinced Alex Lowe to join Telligent. Alex was previously a developer evangelist working for Microsoft and before that was one of the key community people in the ASP.NET space. In his new role with Telligent Alex is going to take on managment on the site.

Today we also opened our office here in Dallas, TX USA. We’ll post pictures soon, but we have already been trying to come up with names for our conference/game rooms. The game room name is a no brainer: Halo (what else could a bunch of geeked out developers think of for a name!). As for the 2 main conference rooms we’re biased and so far ‘C#‘ and ‘ASP.NET‘ seem appropriate.

Lastly, we’re still hiring developers (+1 if you live in Dallas). We’ll post some job descriptions this next week — but we are primarily looking for developers.