Random blog catch-up

After seeing screen captures and scratching my head thinking, “hmm… my copy of Windows XP doesn’t look like that” Kevin pointed me to the Royale Theme for Windows XP. I like it, but have to admit (it makes it look like a Mac).

Speaking of Macs, we just bought our first Apple for the office for a new designer. It’s weird using the single button mouse and fumbling around in the Mac OS — which I finally gave up on and settled back into my Windows XP OS …must be that “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” thing.  

I bumped into Scott Hanselman at the Microsoft MVP summit in Redmond a couple of weeks ago and have added a new toy to my travel bag: Sony PSP. Does this mean I’m a sell-out? Hmm, Stephen thinks so. None of the 4 devices I own run a Windows OS: BlackBerry, iPod, PSP, and a mobile phone that runs Java. Don’t get me wrong. Microsoft makes some great PC products, but it’s mobility products aren’t exactly exciting. Personally I think this is more of the vendors inability to deliver a high-quality device. Microsoft will undoubtly catch-up though, (see XBox).

Want to help us name our new conference rooms for our new office space? So far we’ve got:

  • DLL “for those meetings from hell”
  • Shiner — a local beer in Texas
  • SQL
  • MSIL

We kind of like the language theme, as we currently have C# and VB. It’s weird though, no one ever wants to use the VB room; or as we like to say, “VB, it’s what we use when we can’t use C#” — yes, that’s a JOKE. So don’t flame me 🙂

Tomorrow, October 13th 2005, I’ll be in at the Heartland Developer’s Conference in Cedar Rapids. One presentation on CodeSmith 3.0 and another on ASP.NET 2.0 Tips & Tricks. Should be fun!

Tomorrow we’re also doing our normal Thursday update to www.communityserver.org. We’ve got a couple of really cool new features that come on line in this build, including forum personalization.