Community Server 2007

The team has been hard at work on Community Server 2007. Our goal has been to make customizing the site’s look-and-feel easier. I posted about it the other day here.

We’ve made a lot of progress on the developer level features, cutting down dramatically on the number of files required change a site’s theme. But we’ve also been working on some of the new built-in WYSIWYG tools. I thought I’d post a few previews of where we’re at (below). Another awesome capability we’ll support is an import/export feature to make sharing themes, and applying new ones really simple.

Lastly, if you want to read more about Community Server we also just published a 45+ page Community Server Evaluation Guide.

Choose layout:
Both at the site and blog level you can control how you want the site presented.


Set site colors:
Control all site colors as well as images.


Pick a site color:

New HTML + JavaScript Color Selector allows you to choose from 32 million colors.


Change fonts:
Control font faces and sizes easily.

Select blog theme:
Simple and clean tools for selecting the theme for your blog or site.


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