Google for business email

We’re thinking about signing up for Google’s corporate email.

When we started Telligent we used a hosted Microsoft Exchange SaaS and about 18 months ago moved Exchange in-house to support our 100+ person company. Over the past 18 months it has gotten more difficult to support.

For us email is like oxygen. We’re a distributed company with people all over the world so email is critical for just about everything we do. When email is not available, we’re dead in the water.

I am actually a really big fan of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. However, since we’ve moved Exchange in-house we’ve now found that we have to do a lot more work to support it: upgrade drive space as we continue to hire; increase processing power and investment in servers for AD; deal with bandwidth issues if Internet is down in the office; general IT support for managing and running the server; and lastly SPAM (note: we’re about to start using Postini for SPAM after going through 2 different hardware solutions).

A couple folks have been pushing us to look at Google’s corporate email options. There seems to be a lot of benefit and it’s only $50/year. At $5,000/year it is much, much less than we spend right now and I really like the idea of freeing up our IT team and the servers.

What’s the consensus on using Google for corporate email?